MatchaBar is on a mission to bring matcha to the people - whether by the cup at our cafes, by the bottle online, or at your local market and grocery. We are a family-owned business run by two brothers committed to going above and beyond to bring the world a quality matcha product. We seek to cultivate a passionate community, built upon the MatchaBar tag:


On behalf of Team Matcha, welcome to the MatchaFam!

Our Values

Do we believe in Karma? Magic? Santa Claus? We’re not quite sure… but we do believe in the hustle. It’s the backbone of our business, and responsible for MatchaBar’s very existence! The hustle is about going above and beyond to get the job done. Our community, the MatchaFam, defines itself by just this - hard work, passion, and a sense of purpose.


Our Matcha

1. A Japanese powdered green tea historically used to enhance one's focus, energy, and alertness.

2. The stone-ground powder derived from the topmost leaves of the first harvest of a green tea crop

We are proud to serve our very own blend of MatchaBar ceremonial grade matcha sourced directly from an independent family farm in Nishio, Japan. This partnership is the foundation of our business and the Brothers make a pilgrimage to the farm every May for the spring harvest! The term “ceremonial” indicates that it is worthy of a traditional tea ceremony. The beautiful, electric green color of our matcha is a testament to its excellent quality. Matcha flavor profiles are dependent on the farms location. MatchaBar’s matcha has an incredibly smooth, earthy flavor profile, with a creamy texture, natural sweetness, and a strong umami after-taste. Like a fine wine, matcha has a delicate flavor profile that lingers after consumed -- subtle and delicious. For those experimenting with our matcha at home, this full flavor profile is best experienced in a hot matcha with no add-ins! You don’t need to master the ceremony to master whisking up a ceremonial grade matcha! Please check out our Matcha 101 page to learn more about the functional and health benefits of our matcha!

Our Story

Brothers Max and Graham Fortgang founded MatchaBar in Brooklyn, New York. As native New Yorkers, entrepreneurs, and full-time students, the pair were naturally full-blown caffeine addicts. In an effort to put an end to their daily cycle of coffee and energy drinks, the pair ventured to a local tea retailer on the lower east side where they tried matcha and were blown away by the energy and focus they experienced. In the weeks and months that followed, they shared in a matcha ritual at Max’s East Village apartment, falling in love with the way it made them feel. As they delved deeper into the history of matcha and it’s well-documented wellness properties (energy, focus, antioxidants), Max & Graham became fixated on the idea of bringing this ancient tradition into the modern metropolis they call home.

MatchaBar opened its flagship - New York’s first specialty matcha cafe - in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2014. In the Fall of 2015, MatchaBar opened it’s first set of Manhattan doors! Shortly after, the team announced the launch of a new bottled product. In 2017 MatchaBar has cafe doors open on both East and West Coasts and a bottled product launching nation-wide later this year. And the hustle continues…

Our Team