MatchaBlog: Good Things Come To Those Who Hustle

MatchaBar believes in a simple brand proverb: Good Things Come To Those Who Hustle. The concept is simple - we believe the common thread connecting our wonderful community (the MatchaFam!) is an appreciation for the hustle! 

What is the hustle? It could be working two jobs, sometimes meaning two shifts a day. It could be juggling a full time college education and a startup you’re launching with your roommate. It could mean staying in all weekend to get prepared for the week ahead while everyone else is out partying. It could mean supporting a wife and kids, and sometimes a dog. It could mean flying around the world, with over 300lb of luggage (and by luggage I mean cups, milks, and equipment), just to open up a 3-day pop-up store in Tokyo! We define the hustle by going above and beyond the status quo to get the job done.

Last winter, there was a young lady who visited the shop almost every morning. At the time, I was working 7 days a week so I got to really keep tabs on our regulars. I noticed she would sit behind a keyboard for a few hours after her morning matcha latte, typing away for hours at a time. Slowly but surely my curiosity peaked and one morning I asked what she was working on. It turned out she was writing a non-fiction book that she had been working on for quite some time. She told me that for whatever reason, matcha helped her get past her writer’s block, and got her into a place where she could just write! We became quite friendly over the weeks. I vividly remember the day she came in bursting with excitement to alert us she had locked a publishing deal for the book. 

Now I do not like to get to preachy about the benefits of Matcha. My best advice is to give it a try, pay attention to how you feel, and make your own decision about what fuels your day! That being said, it is stories like these to make me wake up with a smile knowing that our company mission might just have a positive impact on our community. We like to think our mission is simple, TO BRING MATCHA TO THE PEOPLE. You can ask my partner, Eli, to go into further detail, but when you add in the pay roll, cost of goods, employees, a physical cafe ( and now two! ), social media, e-commerce, not to mention to absurd rent any commercial space in New York is subjected to - it becomes much more complicated. No matter how complicated this venture gets, it is the stories we hear each and every day behind the bar, on Instagram, over email, and at our pop-up events that make every ounce of energy worth it. On behalf of everyone here at Team Matcha, we sincerely thank you for inspiring us every day... and while things can certainly get complicated, never lose site of the fact that good things come to those who hustle.

Appreciate the hustle,


Graham Fortgang
Graham Fortgang